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Schools don’t always have access to qualified in-house speech therapists. That’s where Virtual Speech Therapy LLC steps in!

Not on the school staff? No problem. Drop us your school’s name, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Speech and Language disorders can negatively impact a students academic success. Don't let your students fall behind!

Why Choose Virtual Speech Therapy LLC for Your School?

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Flexible Scheduling

Our virtual platform makes it easy for schools to offer their students speech therapy sessions either during school hours or after. The choice is yours!

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Tech-Infused Innovation

Step into the future with us. We blend cutting-edge tech for seamless, interactive, and downright fun therapy experiences.

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Customized Programs

We craft speech therapy programs just for your school's unique needs. Expect tailored solutions that guarantee effective and efficient progress for your students.

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Qualified Therapists

Our highly skilled speech therapists are armed with over 50 years of experience in the classroom, specializing in speech therapy for kids. Rest assured, your students are in good hands.

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Teacher Collaboration

Our skilled speech therapists actively collaborate with your dedicated teachers to better understand the unique needs of their students. Together we can maximize the potential for success in and out of the classroom.

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Speech therapy helps students communicate better with friends and teachers, making sure they stay right on track with their learning alongside their peers.

The positive impact of speech therapy for kids:

Improved Communication Skills

Enhanced Social Interaction

Better Classroom Participation

Increased Academic Success

Boosted Confidence

Reduced Frustration

Enhanced Literacy Skills

Effective Problem-Solving

Increased Independence

Cognitive Development

Support for Learning Disabilities

Positive Impact on Behavior

Support for Multilingual Learners

Learn More about why speech therapists are so important in school settings.

Common Speech and Language Disorders We Tackle in School Speech Therapy for Kids

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